We are constantly working on improving and renewing business processes. Serving new (sub) markets based on sustainable logistics solutions. We do this by innovating. Both our processes, (collection) concepts and the required equipment. Together with Weee Nederland, we have developed a CO2 neutral collection process for discarded electronics. The concept is very successful. More than 250 companies - mainly retail companies - are now using our service. We are thereby able to finance our additional costs with our improved processes . Integral collection of electronics - combined with the collection of discarded EPS - leads to fewer collection costs and fewer transport kilometers. This is not only good for our customers, but also for our environment.

In cooperation with our local government and EPS Netherlands we have developed a sustainable CO2 neutral logistic concept whereby we can collect, supply and transport raw materials for the benefit of Dutch industry in a much more concentrated manner to any desired destination. We have developed the processing technology together with project engineers. As a result, we relieve our environment considerably by operating completely CO2 neutral and we reduce our transport kilometers by more than 60 percent.