E-waste collection Get2Green Logistics continues to grow

Published: 08-11-2016

Get2green Logistics collection activities continue to grow. Together with our partners WEEE Netherlands and Virol we've developed a new collection formula. We offer retail companies to collect their E-waste on site, combined with the collection of wrap and styrofoam. The customer base continues to grow and we now collect more than 700,000 kg of E-waste.


In the past period we have worked hard on the development of E-waste collection. Together with our partners, Virol and WEEE Netherlands we have developed a new concept for retail companies in North Netherlands. Not only we provide the collection of E-waste. At the same time, we take care of the collection of wrap and styrofoam. As a result, we offer versatile service and we are able to minimize transport movements. This service is very successful and has resulted in a rapidly growing customer base. Now we collect more than 700,000 kg electronic of E-waste. After collection follows dismantling and further processing of the collected E-waste.